The 360 Company.

360Inbox is Europe’s leading independent consultancy and solutions provider for CRM and Deliverability tools. We cut through big data noise and provide actionable solutions, based on data-driven email intelligence. We are committed to the success of our clients, and with 100% retention rate, the proof is in the value we deliver.

Through our years of experience in the industry, we saw a growing need for advanced CRM and Deliverability insights and education. In 2016, we started 360Inbox as a data-driven CRM consultancy, support the needs of email senders throughout Europe. Now, 360Inbox is supporting marketers globally with powerful Email and Deliverability Analytics tools and solutions to out-deliver the competition.

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Join our team! We’re seeking deliverability ninjas and email geeks who are passionate about data-driven marketers, analytics, and customer success. We offer flexible working hours & location.

– Deliverability Analyst (Native English; Contract/Freelance basis)
– EU Sales Manager (Native German + English; Contract/Freelance basis)

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